Data Processing
Online Mapping
Blue Rivers Ordered
Blue Rivers Ordered
Blue Rivers Ordered
  • Bespoke cartographic services in print and digital formats
  • Custom art installations including floor to ceiling wallpapers, felted silhouettes of land features, custom mapping in colours to match and enhance decor
  • Use of open source tools for data processing; Specializing in QGIS, GDAL, PostGIS, Bash, SAGAGIS, GRASS GIS, and Python
  • Interpolation, hydrological analysis, raster calculations, vector spatial analysis, process scripting, raster compression, solar exposure, contouring, and large data set-ups
  • Things are always changing and we continually explore new techniques in open source processing
  • Raster tiling operations offered in XYZ and HTML in custom projections
  • Vector tiling… in the works
  • Embedding maps with Leaflet, Openlayers, HTML, JS and CSS